Subject (cycle) commission on general scientific, social and behavioral disciplines

Chairman of the cycle commission:
Nerubasska Alla Oleksandrivna – Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor of the Vocational College at the Odesa Institute "MAUP"

Contact Information:
65003, Odesa, 19, Black Sea Cossacks St
2nd floor, auditorium No. 2,
E-mail: (hidden) tel. (048) 723-23-21

The main goal of the work of the cycle commission is to bring the student to the awareness of his aptitudes and strengths and to awaken in him a high interest, which would give him the power of love for the sciences, for spirituality and beauty, the formation of national self-awareness and the harmonious development of a modern personality.

The goal will be achieved through the improvement of:

• methodological work of each teacher - member of the commission;
• raising the qualification level of teachers, studying, generalizing and spreading advanced pedagogical experience, applying new pedagogical technologies;
• improvement and development of methodological complexes and use of technical means in the educational process;
• organization of students' independent work.

The task: increasing the success rate of students and improving the quality of training of specialists who are able to solve management issues under different forms of ownership in new socio-economic conditions.
Scientific and educational and methodological activities:

The direction of the educational and scientific activity of the teachers of the cycle commission of general scientific, social and behavioral disciplines is the training of qualified specialists according to the latest technologies that meet modern market requirements and needs.

Like-minded professionals work in the cycle committee, rich in creative pursuits, authority and many years of experience are combined here.The teaching staff of the commission is characterized by a high intellectual level and modern thinking, the accumulated experience of teaching and educating students, which makes it possible to provide professional training and moral development of students, conduct joint scientific events; implement innovative forms and methods of education. They regularly publish articles in professional publications, participate in scientific conferences of the international and national levels.

Pedagogical staff of the cycle commission for general scientific, social and behavioral disciplines:

Disciplines that are assigned to the cycle commission for general scientific, social and behavioral disciplines:

Ukrainian language
Ukrainian literature
Physics and Astronomy
National defense
Foreign language (English)
World Literature
Biology and ecology
History of Ukraine
Ukrainian language (by professional direction)
Basics of philosophical knowledge
Principles of Ecology
Foreign language (by professional direction)
Physical Education
Life Safety
Occupational Health
Ethics of business communication
Higher mathematics
Computer technologies in legal activity


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