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Information for applicants who want to study in pre-university training and learn Ukrainian.

On the basis of the Odessa Institute of  MAUP, pre-university training of foreign citizens is carried out for further admission to higher educational institutions of Ukraine (choice of Ukrainian language). Also, depending on the chosen specialization, the following disciplines are studied: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, geography, history, computer science and others.
Training lasts one academic year or one and a half academic years according to the curriculum and depending on the duration of arrival and the formation of groups.

The entrance to the Academy in order to take pre-tertiary training includes the following steps:

1. Getting an Offer to study in Ukraine
To get an Offer, an undergraduate applicant contacts the administration of the Institute of International Education in person or by proxy (a contractor firm) at the address: , passes an online interview, submits copies of the first page of the passport and previous education confirming document with the grades received in the subjects studied translated into Ukrainian or Russian/English. Following the examination of the above documents, the Academy issues an Offer to study executed pursuant to the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. 
The cost of an offer to study is not included in the training fee and is of UAH1,000 (one thousand hryvnias)
2. Procurement of a visa for studies in Ukraine at the Embassy of Ukraine in the undergraduate applicant’s home country.
3. Entry into Ukraine to study at the Academy.
4. Formalization of the undergraduate applicant’s studies.

The cost of tuition for a pre-university training course is $ 600 at the NBU rate.

To be enrolled in the educational establishment, a foreigner furnishes the following documents:

a) an application form (to be made out at the Academy);
b) the original and a copy of the previous education confirming document with a supplement containing information on his/her academic achievements in educational subjects translated into Ukrainian and legalized by the Embassy of Ukraine in the country of residence;
c) a copy of the passport document of a foreigner or the document certifying the identity of a stateless person;
d) a valid medical insurance policy (to be made out at the Academy); and
e) 16 matte photos 35 х 45 мм in size;
5. After enrollment, a student is issued a Temporary Residence Permit for the entire period of studies in Ukraine.


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