Finance, banking and insurance

Odessa Institute of Private Joint-Stock Company "Higher education institution "Interregional Academy of Personnel Management" prepares specialists in the field of knowledge 07"Management and administration" specialty 072 "Finance, banking and insurance" first (undergraduate)  level of higher education. The graduating Department for specialty 072 "Finance, banking and insurance" is the Department of administration, Finance and administration.

Finance, banking and insurance one of the main specializations of economic direction. Program specialty is focused on training qualified specialists for the financial system of the state, who should objectively assess the economic processes taking place in society, to understand the essence and trends of development of financial relations and their features in the field of public Finance, international Finance and Finance of economic units, to develop and to solve the issues of financial system development.

Experts of this specialty are trained for economic, organizational, managerial, analytical, audit, research work in the field of public Finance, institutions and National commercial banks, enterprises and associations of different types of activities, irrespective of forms of ownership and organizational form, in insurance companies, investment funds and companies, brokerage firms, financial services, state administration, research institutions and the like.

The main objective of the specialty training of highly qualified personnel of higher and middle management of enterprises of all forms of ownership and government control of Finance, banking and insurance.

• Finance, banking and insurance;

Competences formed as a result of training in educational and professional training program:


 the foundations of the state monetary policy, techniques of analysis and evaluation of monetary policy;
• provisions of the theory and practice of Finance, evaluation methods of enterprise financial performance;
• the essence of the economic categories of revenue and taxation, their place and role in the system of economic policy; characteristics of the organization and functioning of the fiscal system of Ukraine (foreign countries);
• tools of corporate Finance to determine the optimal sources of formation of financial resources;
• cost structure and peculiarities of management in the enterprise;
• organization of calculations of the enterprise;
• framework for the functioning of financial markets and activities of financial intermediaries on different segments;
• tools for assessment of financial instruments.
• fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge in the company financial forecasting and planning, use of operating and financial budgets of enterprises, strategic financial planning;
• organization of financial controlling, methods and techniques for functional support of cost management, cost, profitability and financial flows of the enterprise;
• corporate tax management to reduce the negative impact of corporate taxation on their business activities and financial condition.

 to organize the financial activities of the enterprise;
 to analyze and evaluate financial and economic activities, the financial condition of the company;
 to carry out diagnostics of a financial condition of business entities;
 to determine methods of organization of financial work;
 to provide a process of formation, distribution and efficient use of financial resources of the enterprise;
 to ensure the process of cost management and enterprise income to assess the profitability of the enterprise and directions of its improvement.
 effectively manage cash flows of the company, to ensure their synchronization.
 to determine the strategy of management of money flows of the enterprise to ensure financial sustainability of the enterprise;
 possession of methods of system approach, management strategy formation and distribution of profit of the enterprise, search of reserves of growth and profitability;
 to determine the financial strategy, to apply the methodological tools of financial management of enterprises;
 the analytical skills to determine the impact of individual factors, evaluation activities, comprehensive assessment of the financial condition, identification of reserves of increase of efficiency of activity of the enterprise;
 to make the best decisions concerning location of sources of formation of financial resources of the company to ensure current operations and investments;
 to manage real and financial investment, while also improving their efficiency;
 to carry out financial planning and forecasting, preparation of operating and financial budgets of the company;
 detect and identify, assess and mitigate risks in business activities;
 to plan tax payments of the enterprise, providing neutralization and reduction of the negative impact of taxation on business activities.

Training of specialists with higher education on a speciality 072 "Finance, banking and insurance" is carried out according to the relevant levels of higher education:
• bachelors degree;
• masters.The qualification obtained allows you to work in:
• Accounts Chamber of Ukraine;
• Ministry of Finance of Ukraine;
• State Fiscal Service of Ukraine;
• banking institutions;
• territorial financial authorities;
• control financial authorities;
• insurance organizations;
• audit firms;
• state extrabudgetary funds;
• financial departments and accounting services of commercial organizations, at enterprises of all forms of ownership.

Graduates can hold positions:
  • auditor;
  • planning economist;
  • economist in financial work (planners, consultants, advisers, analysts).
  • head of the financial department;
  • head of an enterprise of various legal forms;
  • consultant on financial and economic issues;
  • Researcher
  • head of financial management;
  • businessman;
  • Assistant Financier / Financier;
  •Bank employee;
  • Leading specialist of a department (department, management), etc.
  • specialist in financial and economic security;
  • financial director of the enterprise.


05 Apr 2022

05 Apr 2022