Odessa Institute of Private Joint-Stock Company "Higher education institution "Interregional Academy of Personnel Management" prepares professionals knowledge area 08 "Right" specialty 081 "Right" first (undergraduate) and second (master's) level of higher education. The graduating Department for specialty 081"Right" is the Department of legal disciplines.

Program specialty 081 "Right" is focused on providing legal education with broad access to employment and further study; providing for the formation and development of General and professional competences in the field of law that provides broad opportunities of implementation of the employment and career development, based on the received candidates of higher education knowledge in the field of law.

• Economic and labour law
The focus of the programme: Bachelor of law must possess the competencies necessary for the understanding of the nature and functions of law, the maintenance of the basic legal institutions, the application of the law and limits of legal regulation of various social relations.
The purpose of the educational programme: to develop the applicants have higher education's ability to solve complex specialized tasks and practical problems in the field of law or in the process of learning that involves the application of legal doctrines and principles and is characterized by complexity and uncertainty conditions.
Professional competence of the occupation:
• Knowledge of the theory and philosophy of law, structure of the legal profession and its role in society.
• Knowledge of the history of law and state institutions.
• Knowledge of the standards of the legal profession.
• Knowledge of international human rights standards.
• Knowledge of the Convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms and case law of the European court of human rights.
• Knowledge of the principles and doctrines of public international law, as well as the content of the substantive international legal institutions.
• Knowledge of the foundations of European Union law.
• Knowledge of the principles and doctrines of national law, as well as the content of legal institutions such fundamental branches of law as constitutional law, administrative law and administrative procedural law, civil and civil procedural law, labor law, criminal and criminal procedural law.
• Skills of implementation and application of substantive and procedural law.
• The ability to apply knowledge in practice when modeling legal situations.
• Ability to define required and acceptable to the legal analysis of the facts.
• Ability to analyze legal problems and form the legal position.
• Ability to apply legal reasoning.
• Ability to identify legal issues and propose their solutions, including overcoming legal uncertainty.
• The skills of logical, critical and systematic analysis of documents, understanding their legal nature and importance.• Counselling skills for legal Affairs, in particular, possible ways of protection of rights and interests of clients in accordance with the requirements of professional ethics, appropriate compliance of confidentiality of personal data and confidential information.

 Skills • self-preparation of draft acts of law enforcement.
 • The ability of critical and systematic analysis of legal phenomena and use the acquired knowledge in professional activities.
 Programmatic learning outcomes
 Applicant higher education tertiary education bachelor of 081 "Right" must demonstrate these learning outcomes:
• to determine the value and credibility of the arguments in the assessment of previously unknown conditions and circumstances.
• provide synthesis of relevant concepts and doctrinal principles of public policy in the context of the problem and to demonstrate its vision of how its decisions;
• conduct collection and integrated analysis of materials from different sources;
• formulate their own reasoned judgments based on the analysis of known issues.
• to give a brief opinion on certain issues sufficient validity;
• assess the advantages and disadvantages of arguments, analyzing a known issue;
• agree on a plan of their own research and independently develop materials for defined sources;
• use a variety of information sources for assimilation of complex issues for a particular subject.
• to determine and formulate the questions which need help and to act in accordance with the recommendations;
• fluent written and spoken official language, correct use of legal terminology;
• present material on a specific issue so that to reveal the contents of the main issues;
• to reproduce the content, demonstrating an understanding of basic professional and social topics;
• appropriate use of digital and statistical information derived from primary and secondary sources for their professional activities;
• free to use for professional activities is available information technology and databases;
• to use computer programs in the standard software, using spreadsheets, graphs and other opportunities;
• to work in groups as a participant, forming its own contribution to fulfilling the goals of the group;
• demonstrate knowledge and understanding regarding the definition of the main contemporary legal doctrines, the values and principles of functioning of the national legal system;
• to explain the nature and contents of the main legal institutions and procedures of national law;
• demonstrate the necessary knowledge and understanding of the nature and content of basic legal institutions and norms in fundamental areas of law;
• to apply the acquired knowledge in various legal situations, to distinguish legally relevant facts and forming reasoned legal conclusions;
• to prepare the necessary draft acts of law according to legal opinion in various legal situations;
• to provide advice on possible ways to protect the rights and interests of clients in various legal situations.

Employment: Specialist with the qualification of bachelor of law may hold primary positions in the state Executive and judiciary, local government, prosecutors, lawyers, security Service of Ukraine, internal Affairs, customs service, the legal services of enterprises, institutions, organizations.

Continuing education: the Opportunity to study under the program of the second level in the specialties 081 "Right" or related master's educational-scientific /educational-professional programs of higher education. Master's degree in 081 "Right" are prepared to work in positions requiring higher legal education in bodies of the state Executive; the local authorities; the courts of General jurisdiction and specialized courts; the prosecution service; the Ministry of justice of Ukraine; the system of notaries; lawyers; legal services of enterprises of all forms of ownership; legal educational institutions.


05 Apr 2022

05 Apr 2022