Odessa Institute Private Joint-Stock Company "Higher education institution "Interregional Academy of Personnel Management" prepares professionals in the industry 05 "Social and behavioral science" 051 "Economy" second (master's) level of higher education. 

The graduating Department for specialty 051 "Economy" is the Department of administration, Finance and administration.

Program specialty 051 "Economy" oriented for preparation of qualified specialists in the field of Economics and management at the level of organizations and institutions (micro level) and public authorities (macro level), which should objectively assess the economic processes taking place in society, to understand the essence and trends of development of Economics, management, effective business enterprise, to ensure its competitiveness and development, to predict economic and social processes and phenomena on the basis of theoretical and applied models, to analyze and meaningful to interpret the results, to develop an information support of managerial processes of the organization with the use of modern information resources and technologies, to develop and implement the strategy and tactics of development of the economy and economic units.

Experts of this specialty are trained for economic, organizational, managerial, analytical, research, pedagogical work in planning and economic departments of the enterprises, the departments of personnel management, organizations in different industries; recruitment, outsourcing agencies, and in state Executive bodies, institutions operating in the field of management, regulation and control of social and labour relations and social protection of the population, in particular, State employment service, Pension Fund of Ukraine, and also organizations engaged in research activities in the field of labour, employment, social protection, institutions of higher education.

The main objective of the specialty training of highly qualified personnel of higher and middle management of enterprises of all forms of ownership and state administrative bodies.
• Personnel management and labour Economics.

Discipline specialization personnel management and labour Economics: management of labor potential, labor organization, labor market, labor regulation, motivation of staff, audit personnel, demography, physiology and psychology of work, management of industrial conflicts, labour law, HR outsourcing, professional orientation. training.

Competences formed as a result of training in educational and professional training program Knowledge:
the essence of the socio-economic categories; the logic of the development of modern economic views, concepts, theories in a wider socio-economic context; evolution of selected economic phenomena and processes, laws of functioning and development of socio-economic systems and subsystems of micro-, macro-, meso-, Megaron; modern foundations of entrepreneurship and economic management, planning and forecasting activities of companies, industries, countries; patterns, functions, principles and practices of management; principles of implementation of marketing activities of enterprises; the principles, methods and procedures of accounting in enterprises of different ownership forms; aspects of statistical estimation of economic phenomena and processes of social life, methods of statistical analysis; theoretical and practical foundations of the territorial organization of productive forces of Ukraine, current state and directions of regional development of the economy; the investment process essence and classification of investment. the place and role of state regulation in the system of economic mechanism, socio-economic assumptions and mechanisms of action of state regulation of the economy; mechanisms and instruments of functioning of modern national and world economies, institutional structures, areas and instruments of economic, social, foreign policy; modern trends in the internationalization of the economy, forms and methods of international economic activities; socio-economic and institutional transformations in Ukraine, its place in the common European space and the challenges facing the country and the world civilization; the theoretical aspects of organizing, conducting, design and testing of independent scientific research in the field of human resource management, international cooperation in the research field; the organization of educational process in higher education, principles of education and training and didactic skills of teaching economic and management disciplines with the use of innovative, interactive teaching technologies, to analyze the results of their pedagogical activities (for the level of higher education graduate).

create and manage business structures, to form their structure, implement information security management processes; use of modern methods of psychological diagnostics and tools for effective teams in organizations; to analyze the economic statements of the enterprise, institution, organization, to justify the conclusions and recommendations concerning economic policies and build the business strategy of enterprise, organization; ability to calculate and evaluate indicators of economic activities of companies, industries, countries; to identify trends and reasons for unsustainable use of resources of individual enterprises, industries, governmental economic system and to predict the consequences for economic and social well-being; to monitor the effectiveness of decisions in the sphere of economic policy and implementation of policy, international relations, the ability to justify the need for institutional changes at the micro and macro levels, to evaluate the effectiveness of programs for socio-economic development; to analyze economic phenomena in historical perspective, and to build a forecast for the near and distant future, to consider the historical, political, environmental and social context in the analysis of economic phenomena; to assess the innovative potential of development of economic systems, to develop and present business plans of investment and innovation projects, aimed at creation of enterprises, modernization of material-technical base and growth of human capital; to form the safety management system and safety management taking into account the achievements of scientific-technical progress and international experience, skills of conscious and responsible attitude to issues of personal safety and of others, to design activities in the framework of measures for the preparation and organization of protection of population, material and cultural values against the dangers arising from emergency situations; to use modern systems of scientific and technical information, conduct scientific research, ability to conduct scientific, sociological research, statistical monitoring for the effective practical use of their results; to apply modern methods and techniques of teaching in educational institutions of economic profile (for higher education level masters); to issue rights to objects of intellectual property, protection, use, valuation, and commercialization in domestic and world practice (for higher education level master's degree).

Training of specialists with higher education in the specialty 051 "Economics" is carried out according to the relevant levels of higher education:
bachelor; master in professional direction;

The obtained qualification allows you to work in:
• enterprises, organizations in different industries;
• the territorial Executive authorities;
• The state employment service;
• Public service labour;
• The pension Fund of Ukraine;
• institutions and Funds of social protection of the population;
• The Ministry of social policy;
• recruitment agencies;
• in research organizations;
• higher educational institutions.
Graduates of the specialization of personnel management and labour Economics, international Economics and personnel management, Economics and management of enterprises can hold the following positions:
 for level of higher education master
 • head / Deputy head of HR Department;
 • Deputy Director for personnel issues and everyday life;
 • Deputy head of Department of organization of labor and wages;
 • Deputy chief of Department of personnel training;
 • Deputy head of Department for social development;
 • Deputy head of the laboratory of sociology and psychophysiology of work;
 • Deputy Director of the branch;
 • the managing Director;
-Manager (Manager) hotel management / enterprise supply;
• Deputy head of retail establishments, market, section;
• chief Manager (transport, warehousing, communication);
• head of the Department of transport; services (transport); warehousing and storage (freight); cash (ticket at the train station, main city ticket); workshops; supply division; paragraph (procurement, handling, port, RiboPrinter, ship, training, etc.);
• head of base (transit), yard (cargo), container yard, warehouse, warehouse, warehouse;
• chief administrator (at commercial enterprises);
• head of the pawnshop;
• head (head) waiting room, archives, office (container), group, item (procurement, receiving), sector, part.
• Deputy head of the press center;
• Deputy Director (Manager) of small industrial (transport, storage, communication) of the enterprise (company);
• Director (Manager) of small trade company;
• the store Manager, the Agency Manager (commercial, real estate, advertising);
• Director (Manager) of small enterprise in the sphere of education, culture and etc.;
• head of the laboratory of scientific organization of labor and production management;
• specialist of the state service (in the bodies of Executive power in the sphere of social and labor relations);
• head of household, duplicating Bureau, typists;
• Manager of motor transport, production, international transportation, transportation service;
• Manager inspector;
• inspector operational, technological and organizational issues;
• agent; commercial agent; trade agent; commercial representative;
• liquidator-executor of the estate of the debtor;
• head of industrial practice;
• researcher in the field of labour and employment, social protection of the population;
• the economist on labor;
• methodologist for economic education;
• Junior research officer (business efficiency, rationalization of production);
• economist – statistician;
• assistant University.


05 Apr 2022

05 Apr 2022