Odessa Institute of Private Joint-Stock Company "Higher education institution "Interregional Academy of Personnel Management"
 Year of foundation: 1998.
 Level of accreditation - IV
 Address: Odessa, street  Black Sea Cossacks, 19,
 Admissions Office: (048) 700-83-06, fax: 723-23-21

The language of the educational process is Ukrainian

Odessa Institute does not participate in tender procedures.

In 1998 on the basis of the Odessa machine-tool technical school and other uch.  IAPM Training and Consulting Centers were organized.  In 2001, they were merged into the Odessa branch of IAPM, and in 2005 the branch was reorganized into the Odessa Institute.

In 2006, the Belgorod-Dniester branch of IAPM was added to the institute.  The institute has an administrative building with classrooms and auditoriums, computer classes, a library, a gym and assembly hall, a dormitory, and a medical center.

Form of study - full-time, part-time, distance / distance (multimedia).

It is possible, if desired, to obtain a military education and the rank of "junior lieutenant" of intelligence or others.

In 1998, a Regional Training and Consulting Center was established in Odessa on the basis of the Odessa Machine-Tool Technical School.  In the first years of its existence, famous scientists from Odessa worked here: Doctor of Economics, Prof.  Redkin OS, Doctor of Economics, Prof.  Diorditsa SG, MD, Acad.  Rabotyagov DD, Ph.D., prof. Tsukanov BI, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Assoc.  Gospodinova Z.Ya., Candidate of Economic Sciences, Assoc.  Kuznetsova LV  etc.  It was they who tried to combine their teaching activities in a state higher education institution with work in a non-governmental one, contributing to the quality training of students.  Employees of the Regional Training and Advisory Center of IAPM in Odessa did everything to develop it as an effective unit of IAPM.  And they succeeded.  The year 2000 was marked by the first graduation of bachelors, and in 2001 by specialists.

Already in March 2001, by the decision of the general meeting of the closed joint-stock company "Interregional Academy of Personnel Management" on the basis of the Odessa RNCC, the Odessa branch of IAPM was established, and in May it was reorganized into the Odessa branch of IAPM.  In the same year, for the first time, students were recruited to the full-time department in the specialties "International Economics and Finance", "Jurisprudence".

The joint efforts of the management of the Odessa branch of IAPM and its teaching staff have achieved significant success in educational and scientific work, conducted extensive career guidance work among young people, which provided a significant increase in those wishing to study at our institution.  Therefore, in November 2005, the Odessa branch was reorganized into the Odessa Institute of IAPM.

Today the Odessa Institute of IAPM is headed by Karakasidi Olena Fedorivna - Candidate of Sciences in Public Administration, Doctor of Philosophy in Law, Professor of ICA.  Deputy Director - Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration Rybak Olga Mykolayivna.

Life in the Odessa Institute of the Academy is carried out according to normative documents of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine and the Interregional Academy of personnel management, Institute of decrees aimed at the improvement of the educational process, scientific work and to strengthen labour discipline.

Due to them under the new terms are increasingly used modern technologies of the educational process, active learning methods. The teaching staff, the leadership of the Institute direct the educational process in the education of harmoniously developed personality; joining the Bologna process, improve sisamo training in accordance with international requirements.

In modern conditions the management and staff of the Odessa Institute of the Academy, preserving and using the best traditions of national higher education, introduces the multistage system of education, which meets modern requirements, which have been in the advanced economies. Here considerable space is continuous improvement of the educational process. The management of the institutions, teachers and supervisors analyze student performance using the results of the current, boundary and total control in groups at courses.

Today the Institute is actively engaged in the updating of curriculum content disciplines educational-methodical complexes. This is due to the new curricula, which, in accordance with the Bologna process, significantly expanding the implementation of the students individual and independent work. For this timetables conduct individual counseling sessions veclachi. Comp uterus the learning process, part-time and distance learning has necessitated the development of electronic manuals, reference lecture notes, etc.

Work continues on the improvement and use of various active teaching methods (business games, round tables, competitions, small groups, conferences, presentations, etc.). A significant part of the faculty of the Institute is an exemplary organization and conducting of exercises using active learning methods, and therefore were marked by leadership of the institution.

At the Odessa Institute of aidp integral part of the learning process is a scientific activity of the faculty and student team. The departments of management, Finance and administration, legal disciplines, General scientific, social, and behavioral disciplines are held annually scientific conference, such as: "problems of political and legal support Euro - Atlantic integration of Ukraine", "Legal state of Ukraine", "problems of development of small and medium business in Ukraine. The role of the state in financial support of these processes", "Innovative technologies: forms and methods of educational process in higher educational institutions of Ukraine", "the Holodomor of 1932 – 1933 RR. in Ukraine and its consequences", "Outstanding figures of the history of Ukraine", "My land during the Second world war", "It's my lullaby" and other Students is to participate in scientific conferences. Their performances rich in expression of personal positions, views on issues, which is very important for a young person.

Considerable interest was shown the scientific circles of Ukraine to the International scientific-practical conference, which was conducted by the Odessa Institute of the interregional Academy of personnel management Nov 22, 2007. on the topic: "problems of political and legal support Euro - Atlantic integration of Ukraine". It was attended by politicians, diplomats, civil servants, academics and students of public and private universities.

Traditional annual scientific conference: "Actual problems of modern management in the socio-economic, humanitarian and technical systems", in November and prior to the day of science of Ukraine in may.

Legal education of students at the Odessa Institute of the Academy contributes to the operation of the permanent Student scientific club "Femida", at the meetings of which are considered modern problems of domestic and foreign law, legal aspects in the field of Economics, Finance and business.

An important element of modernization of the educational process at the Institute is the practice of holding round tables and multifaceted subject, in which active participation of teachers and students. During the discussion discussed the following issues: "Actual problems of advertising activity in tourism and hotel business", "inter-Ethnic relations in Ukraine", "Global issues", "Outstanding figures of the history of Ukraine", etc. Also studied the possibility of the expansion of blended learning, when coupled with classroom sessions introduced online training and various communications online.

The students in the first days of stay in the walls of the Odessa Institute of the Academy with the "Code of honor of the Academy", the traditions of the Academy, a list of traditional mass events historical calendar and a work plan for the academic year, with regulations all contribute to preparing not only skilled professionals, but also morally worthy individuals of Ukrainian society.

Significant benefits in raised relief with the young people playing the annual charity event "give kids a star".

During the existence of the Odessa regional division of the Academy it had an enrollment of about two thousand students of day and correspondence forms of training, of which about a hundred students graduated from the Institute with honors. Considerable assistance in the organization of the educational process is played by the leading experts who have a responsible attitude to their duties.

Odessa Institute of IAPM was able to purchase new buildings to ensure a quality educational process at - st.  Black Sea Cossacks, 19. Construction work was carried out at a rapid pace.  In a short time, the administrative building, library, medical center, three floors of classrooms, student dormitory, own boiler room were rebuilt, the area around the buildings, which students affectionately call: "Our student hive", was improved.  Students love their institute and sincerely dream and care about its further development.

 Students are trained in the following specialties: "International Economics and Finance", "Economics and Personnel Management", "Economics and Business Management", "Commercial and Labor Law", "Psychology".

 High-quality training of specialists is carried out by 3 departments:

  •  Department of Management, Finance and Administration;
  •  Department of Legal Disciplines;
  •  Department of General Scientific, Social and Behavioral Disciplines.

 Thanks to the efforts of the teaching, student, technical staff and management of the Institute, significant progress has been made in the field of training highly qualified specialists in their field and patriotic education of modern Ukrainian intellectuals.



05 Apr 2022

05 Apr 2022