Council of employers

The Council of Employers was formed with the involvement of leading employees of industries that meet the profile of training at the Odessa Institute Private Joint-Stock Company "Higher education institution "Interregional Academy of Personnel Management".

The purpose of the Council of Employers is to ensure high quality training through comprehensive cooperation of the Institute with stakeholders (interested companies and organizations - leading employers), by combining the intellectual potential, material, financial and corporate resources of partners.

The main tasks of the Council of Employers are:
 - raising the image of the Institute in the market of educational services in the region and Ukraine;
 - forecasting the needs of the labor market in the relevant specialty;
 - providing proposals for improving professional requirements for specialists in the specialty;
 - assessment of the quality of curricula and educational programs;
 - participation in the development of content, information and methodological and logistical support of the selective component of curricula and educational programs;
 - joint implementation and resource support of educational programs, industrial and undergraduate practices;
 - involvement of students and research and teaching staff in the actual production and research activities of enterprises and organizations - partners of the Institute;
 - development of partnership infrastructure, creation of joint offices, laboratories, etc .;
 - Involvement of employees of institutions, enterprises and organizations in the educational process (lectures, practical classes, management of industrial practices, course and diploma design);
 - development and testing of effective mechanisms of interaction of the Institute with enterprises-employers;
 - holding joint conferences and seminars;
 - creation of a database of leading enterprises in the region and Ukraine that can provide a high level of practical training for students;
 - participation in assessing the quality of graduate training;
 - employment of graduates of the Institute (pre-assignment of future graduates to the first job);
 - constant monitoring of the quality of training among graduates and leading employers;
 - organization on the basis of enterprises-employers of advanced training and internships of scientific and pedagogical workers of the Institute.

Regulations on the Council of Employers

-Order on creation of council of employers


- Questionnaire survey of employers, managers of practice

The results of the survey of employers on the quality of educational services provided by the Odessa Institute of IAPM in the specialty 051 Economics of the second (master's) level of higher education OPP "Personnel Management and Labor Economics"



05 Apr 2022

05 Apr 2022