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ODESSA Institute of Private Joint-Stock Company "Higher education institution "Interregional Academy of Personnel Management"


Legal clinic of a name of ataman Anton Golovaty Odessa Institute of PrJSC "higher educational INSTITUTION "the Academy" is a training unit. The activity of Legal clinic is part of the learning process. The purpose of our work – consolidation and deepening of theoretical knowledge of students, which they received in the study of professional disciplines. Working at the Legal clinic, students gain experience and skills of the future profession of a lawyer. Students undergo training and internships at the Clinic.

Legal clinic has been operating since 2009. Guide produce Board SC, chaired by the Head of the Clinic. The name of the Clinic was chosen due to the fact that our UNIVERSITY supports Cossack traditions, Anton Golovaty on these streets took place with the Cossacks; the Cossacks have always helped orphans and widows, and the Clinic helps low-income people of the neighborhood. In the Clinic there is a requirement that each student-consultant was aware of the activities of Anton Golovaty, in Ukraine and in Odessa. Near the street opened a Museum of the Cossacks, where there is a portrait of A. Holovaty.

Our Law clinic provides free legal assistance in the protection of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens and organizations; civil, commercial, criminal, housing, family, employment, financial law, social security and pensions.

The consultants of Legal clinic are students of senior courses of our Institute with the specialty of law that provide legal assistance to needy citizens under the supervision of graduate Institute specialties the lawyer's Right Mishchenko Sergey Viktorovich.

Schedule of duties of the participants of the Clinic students and control teachers. Every year, the Clinic treats approximately 40-80 of citizens and residents of the region, including complex, long term issues. The Clinic checked the regional Department of justice recognized it as satisfactory.

Clinic schedule:

Tuesday, Thursday from 12.00 to 14.00

however, by calling the above number or register on our website, You can get legal assistance any day.

So, if you need help, contact our Legal clinic named after ataman Anton Golovaty at the address: Chernomorskogo Kazachestva str, 19, Odessa, 65003 ind., 1 floor, entrance from the street.


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