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Regulations on student self-government

Student team of the Institute has great creative and intellectual potential, commitment to positive social and active activities. It is characterized by creativity, independence, search for new original and bold solutions.

Student government is an effective incentive to increase this activity acts as a mechanism of interaction between subjects of educational process, is a tool in the decision by students of vital management issues, both academically and extracurricular work.

Development of student self-government, the Institute contributes to Student Council, which is elected by the student team. To be elected to Student Council every student who has the desire to further work for the student to develop and gain experience in organizational work.

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2021-2022 teaching.  year

Chairman of the Student Council - Diana Lukashova (2nd year, specialty "Psychology")

Deputy Chairman of the Student Council for Organizational Affairs - Dilna Svitlana (4th year, specialty "Law")

Deputy Chairman for Scientific Affairs, Chairman of the SNT (ex officio) - Gavrilyuk Arseniy (2nd year of master's degree, specialty "Law")

Anastasia Serbenova, Head of the Dormitory Stud Council (1st year, specialty "Psychology")
Study Council Executive Committee:

Responsible for sports and mass work - Novoselov Valentin (3rd year, specialty "Law"), Siminenko Dmitry (1st year, specialty "Law")

Responsible for career guidance activities - Nadiya Kovalenko (1st year, Specialty "Psychology"), Myroslav Havryliuk (2nd year, Psychology specialty), Anastasia Veste (2nd year, Law)

Responsible for cultural and mass work - Shepeleva Violetta (3rd year, specialty "Psychology"), Sklifos Myroslava (2nd year, specialty "Management"), Oliynyk Sofia (1st year, specialty "Psychology")
Press Secretary of the Council - Natalia Voronko (1st year, specialty "Law")

Student Ombudsman - Rusavska Natalia (3rd year, specialty "Law")

Elders of all specialties.


MINUTES of all specialties:

Protocol №1 dated 09.09.2020

Protocol №2 dated 21.12.2020

Protocol №3 dated 17.02.2021



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